THE MURLOCS- Novo Ep Tee Pee

486539_404121539636784_1583749528_n.jpg (206×207)
 The Murlocs
Gravado por Mikey Young , que também registrou o recorde da Cefaléia desde o ano passado, este é outra banda de garagen de  Melbourne  nós  sofremos por nunca termos turnê dests bandas estelar nos  EUA. A faixa título é feroz e do EP. Eles  trabalham  o seu caminho de     The Black Keys  causaram em  todos  países com apenas cinco faixas . Uma banda para ver se você ouvido eles antes fique atento e Portanto, mantenha  os ouvidos se animo
428862_404121666303438_1517691903_n.jpg (785×785)
The Murlocs – Tee Pee EP 
Recorded by Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Ooga Booga) who also recorded the stellar Royal Headache record from last year, this is another Melbourne banger that proves that garage is owned by an Aussie cabal who want
us to suffer for never having theses stellar bands tour the far away shores of the US. The title track is loose and ferocious and the whole EP doesn’t exactly flag under duress. It works its way from Black Keys rumble to country stumble and everywhere between in just five short tracks. A band to watch if there ever was one and its a good chance these boys will rise up to the full length challenge soon. So keep those ears perked.

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