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Canalizando a energia do hard rock, a banda de Nova York Vagina Panther é a surpresa uma banda com toda a furia adolescente que você pode ouvir . Seja discutindo curvas femininas ou cheeseburgers, a banda não mede palavras tanto em bons momentos ou  noites difíceis em seus acordes de energia. ‘Judge’  o mais recente EP do quarteto irá cumprir qualquer forma de deboche, e algo me diz que é exatamente o que você precisa.


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Vagina Panther announces CMJ Fest show 10.17


Channeling the energy of LA’s rowdiest hard rock acts, New York’sVagina Panther is (suprise, surprise) a band with all the wound-up teenage male fantasy you can take. Whether discussing female curves or cheeseburgers, the band doesn’t mince words so much as it crushes good times and hard nights to little bits with their power chord rapture. The quartet’s latest EP ‘Judge‘ will compliment any manner of debauchery, and something tells me that’s exactly what you need. Their next show will be during the CMJ Marathon, on October 17th. –






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