BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME- The New Album” The Parallax: Future Sequence”

This music is full of shit! … It’s like saying, “Wow, you know what? I love American cheese. And gin! And crab dip! I also love chocolate, too! Come to think of it, I like sniffing Sharpie markers as well!” So there you are, that’s how it happens. You’re writing your wanky inaccessible garbage music, eating/drinking your cheesy-chocolate-crab dip gin, and sniffing markers like a goddamned fool.”





Given the clear state of distress Mr. Ailes found himself in upon listening to Alaska, I can only imagine the barbecued hummus and cigarette bud casserole he probably thought of the band’s last LP, The Great Misdirect. I’d been along for the ride for most of Between the Buried and Me’s career, but at that point I felt that they had finally lost me. Somewhere between the acclaimed Colors and its successor the group had decided that they weren’t just going to be a deathcore band with some nifty prog flourishes, but the catch-all Dream Theater and Mr. Bungle of the -core world. Whatever you may think of those acts, the last thing the world needs is another version of either. BTBAM had truly devolved into the bloated, obtuse fiend Ailes had accused them of being. I found myself gradually losing interest in them altogether and seeking out bands like The Contortionist, Last Chance to Reason, and The Faceless that took the strongest and most memorable aspects of their sound and created pithy songs that you could easily listen to without clearing your schedule.


Two tracks in and I was already dreading writing this review. Beginning in the same fashion as the last two albums, we have the obligatory minute and a half acoustic pop intro that gives way to the unsurprising swirl of sweeps and arbitrary starts and stops and starts and loopdy-loops. More of the same. But, as I had to, I pressed on and I’m glad I did. The Parallax II: Future Sequence contains some of the best songs the group has written in years.

At 73-minutes, The Parallax II is anything but brief. Five of the album’s twelve tracks are what you might call “fillers,” and the two shorter songs don’t really stand on their own, yet amidst its five 10-minute-and-beyond tracks, the real meat of the album, the band shows that they still have a lot left to say. It’s clear that this is still the same BTBAM of old but now with a cleaner and more listenable approach to their unwieldy sound. All the quirks are still there, just less obnoxious and better integrated.


The Parallax II: Future Sequence will not convince you that BTBAM are not overrated or pretentious, but if you’ve been on the fence about them because of their recent output I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the alluring package necessary to rekindle the flame. I can’t say crab, cheese, gin, and chocolate sound all that appealing, but French fries sure are tasty when you dip them in the frosty and The Parallax II is one crunchy, creamy, greasy delight.


378210_10151125993503189_2136718611_n.jpg (612×612)

O II Parallax: Seqüência Futuro contém algumas das melhores canções do grupo tem escrito nos últimos anos.

Em 73 minutos, o II Parallax é qualquer coisa, mas breve. Cinco das 12 faixas de álbum são o que você poderia chamar de “enchimento”, e as duas músicas mais curtas não estão realmente por conta própria, ainda em meio a seus cinco de 10 minutos e além de faixas, o real do álbum, a banda mostra que eles ainda têm muito a dizer. É claro que este ainda é o mesmo BeTween And Buried Me antigo, mas agora com uma abordagem mais limpa e mais audível ao seu som pesado. Todas as peculiaridades ainda estão lá, apenas menos detestável e melhor integrados.

O II Parallax: Seqüência de Futuro não irá convencê-lo de que não são BTBAM superestimados ou pretensioso, mas se você esteve em cima do muro sobre eles por causa de sua produção recente, eu não ficaria surpreso se este era o pacote  necessário para reacender a chama. Eu não posso dizer queijo, caranguejo, gin, e som de chocolate tudo o que atraente, mas batatas fritas certeza são saborosos quando você mergulha-os no gelado e A II Parallax é um crocante, delícia cremoso.


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