AMBASSADOR21-Ambassadoladora Banda de Techno Core
BANDA  de Techno-Hardcore  com elementos de industrial a vocalista da banda tem  
a voz que muito lembra  Nina Hagen (cantora  alemã   que  fez muito  sucesso  nos anos a 80)
a banda é uma pancada  nal inha do Atari teenege Riot para quem  gostou como eu vale a e pena
AMBASSADOR21 play breakbeat hardcore / industrial / hardcore techno with punk elements since the end of 2001. Duo toured a lot over Europe since 2003 and perfomed at many events: festivals like Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2010 (Leipzig / Germany), M’era Luna 2010 (Hildesheim / Germany), Kinetik Festival 2010 (Montreal / Canada), Maschinenfest ’05, ’06, ’07, ’08, ’10, ’11 (Germany) – as A21 and SUICIDE INSI

DE, Ososphere Festival 2009 (Strasbourg / France), Dark Dance Treffen 2011 (Lahr / Germany), Noxious Art Festival 2005 and 2009 (Vesoul, Paris / France), Chauffer Dans La Noirceur 2010 (Montmartin-Sur-Mer / France), Elektroanschlag (Altenburg / Germany), Resistance Festival 2004 and 2005 (Bratislava / Slovakia – London / UK), Sick & Twisted (London / UK), Sickfest (Moscow / Russia), Dark Easter (Utrecht / Netherlands), Noise Central Festifal (Utrecht / Netherlands) and lots of gigs in France, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Slovakia, Chech Republic, Russia and Belarus.
In 2002 AMBASSADOR21 founded their own record label Invasion Wreck Chords (now – Invasion). During AMBASSADOR21 existence they released many full-length records and lots of tracks and remixes for Invasion, Ant-Zen, Hands, Pflichtkauf, Vendetta Music, Restroom, Audiotrauma, Out Of Line, Beton Kopf Media, D-Trash and more. AMBASSADOR21 new full-length album “Power Rage (Face Your Future Killers)” out at September 3 2009. In 2009-2010 A21 do Power Rage Tour with lots of gigs in France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Belarus and shows at many festivals such Wave Gotik Treffen 2010 (Leipzig / Germany), M’era Luna 2010 (Hildesheim / Germany), Kinetik Festival 3.0 (Montreal / Canada), Chauffer Dans La Noirceur (Montmartin-Sur-Mer / France), Moravian Industrial Festival (Olomouc / Czech Republic). Celebrating their X Anniversary, A21 playing X Tour 2011-2012 with many gigs in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland – including live show in HR Giger Museum (Switzerland) such festivals like Castle Party 2012 in Bolkow, PL.
New AMBASSADOR21 full-length album will be released in 2012 on famous belgian label Alfa Matrix.

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