THE RAVEONETTES- New Album “Observator”


 No video  do Duo Suppperrr modernissímo dinamaques terá um bailarino que na vida real é uma estrela que desfia as autoridade na rua de Manhattan e mostra todas suas habilidade na arte da dança eu já vi isto em algum lugar  nas ruas de Nova York tem monte de gente que faz o m esmo de repente seja algo diferente do duo que já esteve n o Brasil se não me engano no Sesc Pompéia, agora é esperar pelo Observator  e  darmos opinião com Observadores
Danish duo The Raveonettes have a new album ‘Observator’ coming out in September, the follow-up to last year’s ‘Raven In The Grave’. ‘She Owns The Streets’ is the first taster of what’s to come, download the track and watch its newly made video below.

The song ‘She Owns the Streets’ is about a real-life street dancer called Loan, the star of the video of course, who evidently defies logic and normality by free dancing in the streets of lower Manhattan, with almost complete disregard for her own safety. She’s got a hefty wardrobe to back up her dancing skills so you wouldn’t say it’s a totally spontaneous happening but it’s an intriguing way to spend your day I guess.

As for the song, the Velvet Underground/Sonic Youth undertones make it very geographically precise. The jangly repetitive refrain bores into your skull and before you know it you’ll be humming it all day. So grab your tutu and angel wings and head to Broadgate for a spot of summer street dancing – I mean what else would you have to do? Makes you look forward to the album too.

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