THE RED CHORD-New Album That Is Coming post On Twitter
Isso mesmo, pessoal: O red chord estão trabalhando em novo material.

A banda anunciou no Twitter ontem que três novas músicas estão sebndo trabalhadas . Uma vez eu estava namorando uma garota que parou de retornar as minhas ligações, e então eu vi que ela ainda estava atualizando sua conta no Twitter, que puta! Eu me pergunto por que ela estava me ignorando?

Enfim, o Red Chord. wittou:

    Sim, existem músicas novas. Coisas da vida vocês sabem !Paciência é uma virtude.

Sejam  paciente. A Red Chord tem outras acontecendo na vida  da  banda  E eles não são tão ruim quanto algumas bandas:

That’s right, folks: The Red Chord are working on new material. Get pumped!

The band announced on Twitter yesterday that three new songs are in the works. One time I was dating a girl who stopped returning my calls, and then I saw that she was still updating her Twitter account; that bitch! I wonder why she was ignoring me?

Anyway, The Red Chord. They Tweeted:


Yes there are new songs in the works. Life and other things slow it down a bit. Patience is a virtue.

Be patient, you douche-nozzles. The Red Chord have other things going on in life. And they’re not as bad as some bands:

At least we released a record 3 years ago, Necrophagist hasn’t put one out in 8! Get on them!


But that’s not at all. Seems The Red Chord have also clarified their current drummer situation:

Another answer to questions: yes we have a drummer. He’s a nice guy.

Oooo… mysterious! Stay tuned for more, right here on MetalSucks.


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