FELL SILENT -A Nova Face do Silencio do Metal


Sei pouca coisa desta banda  da Ingleterra de Metal Core Experimental chamda  FELL SILENT que segue a linha de bandas como Beyond the Dust,Killwitch Engage,Chimaria,Exoudus,Closer eMessugah mas  ouça sem medo o Seu primeiro album o  THE HIDDEN WORDS.

eles tem muito a crescer no meio Heavy e pode dar um  CTRL-V neste som é garantido


Fellsilent (also written FELLSILENT) were a British experimental metal band from Milton Keynes. They possessed a technical, polyrhythmic style similar to bands such as Meshuggah and Sikth. The band also focused on some melodic elements. They are considered important pioneers in the genres of experimental metal and progressive metal as they incorporated newer, more technical elements into their music.[citation needed] They released their debut album, The Hidden Words, in 2008 which gained immediate popularity among metal fans. Touring with other British bands such as Enter Shikari and Exit Ten helped them to gain further popularity. In 2008, Fellsilent signed to US record label Sumerian Records.[1]

The band split up on 5 April 2010. Most of the band’s members are still active. Browne and Neema became members of Monuments (Neema would later leave the band). Acle expanded his side project TesseracT and Joe joined SonicK. Noddy also plays drums in SonicK as well as the metal band Heart of A Coward. He also played for Enter Shikari when they toured the United States until their usual drummer Rob Rolfe was granted permission for a US visa in 2011.



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