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posted by on December 2, 2011 in Sleigh Bells

sleigh bells Sleigh Bells Announce New Album, Release Trailer

Lembram -se do Sleigh Bells banda que mistura a new wave dos anos 80 com a força do punk, pois é  eles estão de volta  em novo video trailer chamado  “REIGN OF TERROR” de  CTRL V nesta banda que promete muito barulho.

Remember Sleigh Bells? Yeah, you remember Sleigh Bells. After a huge 2010, they didn’t make much noise in Y2K11. It may have been a good move to lay low for a while, because with their songs popping up everywhere (even in a couple of TV commercials), they were approaching that “Ugh, Sleigh Bells” tolerance breach level.

Out of thin air (via a sketchy email from a guy named Rick) Sleigh Bells returns with a trailer for a new album, Reign Of Terror. Good. The game needs Sleigh Bells.

Hit the jump to watch the projects trailer

video neste link



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