SOLEDAD MIRANDA- cine terror/screeamqueen/musa/espanha

SOLEDADeridade no Terror


Soledad Miranda e Claudia Jennings são beleza raras no cinema .

fantásticos dos anos 70 apos 35 anos de seu desaparecimento das telas ela ainda e cultuada  por ter feito filmes com o cultuado cineasta Jesus Franco

Soledad Miranda nasceu em 09 de juljho de 1943 em Sevilha Espanha e de pais portugues entrou em concursos de dança flamenca e fez amizade com  a cantora e dançarina Madeira Mikaela e estrou n o cinema em filmes como La Bella MIMI  aos 16 anos e uma aparição  La REina del Tabarin dirigido por Jesus Franco

Estrou no filme Pyro e entrou para o  de vez No Cinema  de Terror segui-se Sound of Horror


Se casou com o Piloto de corrida Jose Manuel Simoes Eles se casaram por volta de 1967 e teve um filho. Em documentario do Filme Conde Dracula intiltulado Vamp, tinha apenas imagens de Soledad Miranda  consigo mesma ingenua enfrentando  um ser enigmático e mau assombrado  mas logo este medo se desfaz quando Soledad pratica um Topless filme foi co-estrelado por Burt “mau das pernas ”Reynolds e Raquel Welch

Sua associação com Franco iria continuar com um trio de thrillers eróticos financiado em Liechtenstein, de todos os lugares, que retratou um Soledad freqüentemente nua.  

Para proteger sua família, ela decidiu adotar o pseudônimo de Susan Korda. Um destaque deste trabalho foi Eugenie deSade,com uma assassina semi-incestuosa relação pai-filha.

esta atriz e também musa de Jesus franco cineasta preferdio de Phil mUcci ele prometeu que faria uma refilmagem de um dos filmedo diretor e ver pra quer

And then there are the tragic ones, those that left us too soon with the promise of many great things to come. Such was the case with Claudia Jennings, such is the case with Soledad Miranda, a great and talented beauty on her way to become an exceptional figure in the realm of fantasy cinema. At least, more than 35 years after her disappearance, she’s still not forgotten, as her work in Jesus Franco’s cult movies of the late ’60s/early ’70s continues to grow in popularity. If only one person embodies the spirit of this web site, it is she.

Soledad Redon Bueno was born on July 9, 1943, in Seville, Spain, by Portuguese parents. An early starter, she was only eight years old when she entered a talent competition of flamenco dancing. She would eventually befriend singer and dancer Mikaele Wood, with which she would live with in her early teens. Logically, Soledad made her film debut as a dancer in La bella Mimi, at the age of 16. She made a tiny appearance alongside star Wood in La reina del Tabarin, directed by a

Jesus Franco.

Soledad next worked on many small Spanish films. Her beauty came to the attention of American film producer Sidney Pink, who gave her a role in a locally filmed production, The Castilian, starring Cesar Romero. Again hired by Pink, Soledad made her horror film debut in Pyro, playing an innocent girl, a role that got her praises in the press. Another fright flick followed, Sound of Horror, with another up-and-coming Siren, Ingrid Pitt, herself making her own entry into horror movies.

After a couple of more local projects, Soledad settled down with her male co-star for these films, race-car driver José Manuel Simoes. They married around 1967 and had a son. Jesus Franco coaxed her in making a comeback a couple of years later when he was casting for his production of Count Dracula. In accepting to return before the camera, Soledad would be responsible for one of Franco’s best pictures. Even Christopher Lee, reprising the immortal role of Dracula in a different setting than his Hammer movies, admitted that Soledad possessed an unique quality. A documentary exists about the troubled shooting of Count Dracula, entitled Vampir, containing the only footage of Soledad as herself. The fresh-faced young ingenue had become an haunted-looking, enigmatic presence, with an aura that would characterize her work to come. Soledad took the time to make a (topless!) cameo for the western 100 Riffles, co-starring Burt Reynolds and Raquel Welch.

Her association with Franco would continue with a trio of erotic thrillers financed in Liechtenstein, of all places, which pictured a frequently naked Soledad. To protect her family, she decided to adopt the pseudonym of Susann Korda. A standout of this body of work remains Eugenie de Sade, featuring a murderous, semi-incestuous father-daughter relationship. Not to be missed.




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