To commemorate ‘Record Store Day’, Deftones will be releasing a special edition ‘Covers’ LP. This LP is a collection of classic Deftones’ cover tracks, pressed together on limited edition vinyl for the first time ever. Only 3000 of these will be produced. The set spans a wide range of genres, including covers from artists The Cure, Drive Like Jehu, The Cars, The Smiths, Lynryd Skynrd and Duran Duran.
Covers will be available on April 16th – you can head to www.records to find participating stores in your area.

Deftones antes de vir ao Brasil junto com Cipress Hill em abril lançara uma coletanea com classcios da banda junto com vinil em edição limitada apenas 3000.
e terá covers das bandas The cure (eles  já haviam prestado um tributo ao vivo transmitido pela MTV) Drive Like  Jehu,The smiths,Lynryd Skynrd e Duran Duran
data prevista  em 16 de abril e esperamops que eles toquem alguns destes covers no Brasil


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