a production duo from Finland, they have done a remix of Daft Punk’s “Derezzed”. This is usually something I would usually ignore but they’ve done pretty good job on the track. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure “banger” and could easily have come from the “Ed Banger School of 2006″ era. However, I think it’s a lot of fun and a damn sight better than 90% of the Tron:Legacy bootlegs currently floating around the internets.

Um duo da finlandia fez um Rmx da musica do Daft PUnk Darezzed
que fez parte da trilha do Tron the legacy que diziem que é bem melhor que o filme
se você também que conferi vá no link  abaixo  e ouça o download do Mp3

BrightShadesは フィンランドのデュオ.彼らはどうやらDaft Punk “Derezzed”のリミックスをつくったようです.こういうものは通常無視しがち…なんですが,想像とは違って素敵だったのです.ちょっとギル ティープレジャーなバンガー仕立てな上にEd Bangerが最盛期だった2006年感もあるものの,沢山あるTron: Legacyのブートレッグより絶対楽しいしナイスな事は間違いなし!



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